Are you planning to host a private party but can’t do it at home? Worry not because this guide will help you find the best private party rooms in Toronto.

These are the best spots for your private party within the city:

St. Lawrence Downtown Studio

History buffs will love the fact that this is located in a Registered Toronto Heritage property that’s aged 180 years old. The newly renovated building has floor-to-ceiling windows. It is divided into four levels that may be used together or separately as needed. 

With the white walls and light grey floors, the space is versatile enough to accommodate numerous aesthetics. The host offers add-on furniture that may be rented on a per-item basis.

Central Downtown Loft Studio

Facing north and west, this 1,700 sq. ft. studio is located in the middle of downtown. The 12 feet ceilings are suited for sunset lighting that comes through the corner loft windows. There is a fully operating kitchen that comes with an oven, fridge, induction burner, and kitchen island. It is easy to bring in equipment and gear thanks to the huge service elevator.

Photo/Video Shoots & Event Space

This is a big studio and vents place that is completely customizable based on the needs of the customer. The space has been designed for multiple uses, so it is capable of accommodating video and photo shoots, launch events, private parties, and more. 

It is located in Islington, accommodates up to 40 people, and spans 700 sq. ft.

A private party can be as big or as small as you want it to be. The venue has to be up to the task, however. We hope that our guide to private party venues was useful to you!

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