Proudly green, easily accessible, simply complete.


As Toronto's first green venue, The Richmond is committed to giving you a memorable experience, while minimizing the carbon footprint of your event.

From our practices and partners, to our products and suppliers, 

The Richmond is setting the green standard for all venues in Toronto.

Please read more about our firm commitment to 

environmental preservation below:


Our Venue

We've designed our space with renewable in mind from top to bottom.

As you walk in you'll notice the bamboo floor and staircase leading to the mezzanine. Bamboo is a far more sustainable resource than other flooring, and requires next to no pesticides or fertilizers when grown.


Our walls are a calming blue, painted with low VOC paints.Many paints emit harmful chemicals when drying, so we've opted to use only ozone friendly paints to adorn our walls.


Thanks to Bullfrog Power, you'll enjoy clean source energy, like wind and low-impact hydro, powering lights and sound.


During the day, enjoy a soft lit space from our tall loft windows. When the sun goes down, compact fluorescent lightings ensure elegant lighting while using less power and creating less heat.


Our Commitment

We promise to limit landfill waste from each event, and always strive for zero waste.

We try to reduce our use of plastics at every opportunity. We always encourage use of glassware over plastic as it can be cleaned and reused.

We do not allow bottled water on the premises. Instead, fresh tap water is provided on site for your event.

What cannot be reused, must be recyclable or compostable.

Our rental partner transports glassware and other event supplies in reusable containers, with linens transported in washable drawstring bags.

We strive to make event choices with environmental preservation in mind, and strongly encourage our clients, suppliers and partners to do the same.


Our Goods

Details are what bring events to life: lights, linens, fixtures, settings, and decor. 


We partner with local companies to ensure you have the event of your dreams, while keeping your event's footprint small.

Local partners means shorter transportation, which in turn is better for our environment. 

Even the smaller details of our venue are designed to be eco friendly. 

Any paper wares used are chlorine free recycled paper, but we encourage cloth or glass in place of paper wherever possible.


After and between events, know our venue uses only non toxic cleaners to keep the space immaculate. We've opted for natural products which are free of harsh chemicals and against animal testing.