Speaking as someone who loves sweets in all shapes and sizes, I am simply delighted (to put it lightly) when a new sugar-packed trend is on the rise. With reality TV shows such as Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars taking over our television screens over the last few years, people’s tastebuds began to evolve and supermarket baked goods and pastries were no longer cutting it!
Boutique bakeries began to pop-up, providing sugar-junkies like myself with beautiful and delectable treats that pleased the eyes as much as the palette! Cupcakes were no longer sidelined as the staple at a childhood birthday party, but emerged as a gourmet delight. Although there are few smells I enjoy more than freshly baked sweets in a bakery, Cupcake ATMs were definitely my favourite outcome of the cupcake craze. I mean, who needs cash when you have cupcakes, right?
As the cupcake trend began to fizzle, the donut was next in line for the spotlight. Upgrading from the dull and boring versions you would find at your local Timmy’s, bakeshops began to stock their shelves with new and enticing flavours. The strangest one I’ve seen to date was a dozen donuts topped with a caramel sauce, bacon, and a hickory dust. Sounds strange, I know, but I will embarrassingly admit that I ate every last one of those bad boys.
Then summertime came around and the Goody Gods hit us with a dessert that had people waiting in lines of over 50 people long to get their hands on it - the donut cone. Yes, yes, you read that correctly. An ice-cream cone made from DONUTS. Specialty ice-cream shops caught on to how much people were loving these guilty pleasures, and had the marvellous idea of combining the two! Simply genius, And let’s be honest, a cupcake ice-cream cone just doesn't have the same appeal, and would probably be pretty darn messy. So to me, it looks like the donut won this round. But it’s only a matter of time until the next sugary treat makes it’s way to the top, and this girl will be anxiously waiting.